Many incredible benefits of wrestling that not only that can positively affect children but also as they grow into adulthood. 

Sunkist Kids Wrestling
  1. Accountability – When you win, it’s because you did it.  No one else takes credit; no one else to blame.
  2. Don’t give up – Wrestling puts you in situations where you have to dig in and fight to reap the rewards.  It’s all you in a wrestling match and there’s an incredible feeling of getting your hand raised when winning a hard fought match.
  3. Adversity – In every wrestling match someone will win and someone will lose. Losing in a team sport is disappointing but it’s different when it’s only you. In wrestling, you learn how to lose gracefully and more importantly, how to quickly put it behind you and work hard to improve for the next match. You approach defeat as part of the learning process.
  4. Learn to perform – Wrestlers have to mentally prepare for a match, learn how to stay calm under pressure, and deal with the feelings of anxiousness and nervousness over and over again.  This repetition makes it second nature and prepares them for life.
  5. Persistence – Few kids find success early, but many will lose more than they win early on. In fact, many of the greatest wrestlers started out losing their first few seasons. It can take a couple of years, if not more, before it finally clicks.  But when it does, it’s one of the greatest moments to observe. The lights come on, their confidence starts growing and they start beating opponents who they’ve lost to several times.

Check out one of the top Wresting programs in Arizona Sunkist Kids Wresting Club in Tempe, AZ.

Since 1976 they have been mentoring athletes in fulfilling their dreams. They are a wresting academy with awesome camps throughout the year.

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