Welcome to Grid Iron Flag Football, Our mission is to deliver a great youth sports experience through better player development, and keeping families excited about playing youth sports.

Grid Iron Flag Football has grown to be the preferred league for coaches, parents and players across the nation including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida and Texas. Additional locations open annually as entrepreneurs discover the ONE Sports Nation franchise opportunity that is available for their community.

What makes Grid Iron a Unique Experience?

Grid Iron is the preferred choice because it has developed a youth flag football program with rules that align with High School football including kick-offs, punts, pitch backs, laterals and more. We are NFL Flag members which means our players wear the jerseys of the pros on game day. We provide huge team tents, game day music, and game day food options for our patrons. Our 8 game seasons end with a single elimination tournament so players can experience the excitement of tournament play.

Vested Interest in a great experience

Every League Commissioner has a personal vested interest in the success of the Grid Iron program and client satisfaction because they own the league. Each location is owner operated and every league owner builds a unique relationship with their community and their clients. Our game day officials are selected and trained by the league commissioners to not only call the game, but be a great representative of the league. Every owner follows the ONE Sports Nation system standards to ensure consistency in the Grid Iron experience across every league in every State.

Personal & Robust Communication for Parents

Our league commissioners communicate weekly with seasonal participants and coaches through various communication means to ensure that current and correct information is always available. We augment the parent’s experience through social media, and our own website which offers functionality that allows parents to download their teams calendar directly to their personal device so game day information is always at their fingertips.

Careful Planning

At Grid Iron, we recognize that youth sports is just one part of family life, so our league commissioners publish the entire season schedule one week before the first game so that families can make plans outside of youth sports.

Setting Youth Sports Culture Expectations

Sportsmanship is also a large part of our program. We understand that we can’t control the behaviors of our players, parents and coaches. But, we can set the expectations and enforce the rules to preserve our intended culture. One of our favorite cultural differences is that at Grid Iron, we EXPECT our players to hand a pulled flag back to the tackled player as a symbol of respect. We are immensely proud of our program for that one simple reason.

Quality Instruction

The magic in any league is its coaches, and Grid Iron’s success starts with our parent volunteer coaches. All first time Grid Iron coaches must complete a Coach Curriculum with the league commissioner that emphasizes the focus and philosophy of our program including Player Safety, Player Development, Practice Day Organization, Game Day organization and a Rules overview. We expect our coaches to embrace our philosophy on youth sports and model the code of conduct that is displayed throughout the venue. We provide our coaches with a quick start system for practice drills, and strategies for offense and defensive on game day, available on our website so that every coach has the tools needed to be successful regardless of previous experience. We even provide our volunteer coaches with a bag of equipment to use during their season. All teams are invited to the end of season tournament regardless of their regular season standings. We want the coaches to use the regular season games to develop each player on their team, so they have the best possible team for the tournament. For that reason, we don’t recognize “Division Winners”. Yes, We want to foster the competitive spirit. We expect the kids to “Want” to win, but not “Have” to win to have a good time at Grid Iron.

Best in Class Game Day Experience

At Grid Iron, we make game day a family fun day – every Saturday! Each sideline receives a large 10×20 custom tent, team bench and their NFL team banner hanging in the background during their game. Game Day music is played throughout the venue, field lines are painted and end zone pylons are used. Even our coin toss uses a custom coin to add to the experience. At Grid Iron, we pay attention to the details. We want to be the Disney World of Youth Sports. A few samples of the differences at Grid Iron Flag Football can be seen on the following pages:

Our Program Growth:

Grid Iron launched its first league in January 2012 with 89 boys and girls. The league started with two teams in each of four age divisions and the program founder coached four of the eight teams in that inaugural season. But, word of the program’s quality quickly grew, and Grid Iron Flag Football has since grown to serve over 8000 kids across 4 states in 2016. More league locations are set to open in 2017.

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