Hello Everyone this is Sadie Weiss and I am 10 years old and I play volleyball for FUTURE STARS WOOT WOOT!


This is my second blog about my first season at Future Stars Volleyball!Future Stars Peoria AZ

My mom received an email today with my volleyball practice schedule. I am excited to see where and when my practices are. I practice every Tuesday and Thursday at Diamond Canyon from 7p to 8p.

Today is my first REAL practice!  We start practice with warm up bumps and sets in a circle. To start practice coach Stacy talked to all the players about basically what we going to do, and expect during the season.  The things I remember the most are no walking on the court, we always clap it up because it creates energy, and you always reply “YES COACH” so coach knows you are paying attention.

In the Tuesday practice we learned how to bump the ball, the belly drill ( this drill was the best ), and the we practiced serving over the net.

In Thursday practice I got there early because it’s so fun. The drills we did were sets ( are when you are close to the net and hit the ball with your finger tips over your head ), bumps ( a bump is when you hit the ball on your forearm and your hand are together ), the last drill we did was a volley ( it’s like a game where you hit the ball back and forth with your bumps and sets ).

PRACTICES ARE SO MUCH FUN I WISH THEY WERE LONGER … Even though my mom is ready to go home!

Ok, it’s Saturday … The big day!  My first ever real volleyball game ( OH BY THE WAY MY TEAM NAME IS THE HURRICANES ) !!!  We started by getting our game jerseys, they are sweet.  Before the game we got in two lines and warmed up with bumps, the belly drill, and serves.

When the game started I was in the back row. The first game we started losing 8-0, oh man, it was not going good.  My team made an incredible comeback to take the lead but lost 23-25.  The second game we switched sides and we took a big lead 14-3, but we lost again in a crazy, nervous, exciting, sad game by a back and forth score of 24-26 ( you had to win by two ).

All the coaches were so supportive and energetic and so was the crowd cheering for every point.

Overall, I had lots of fun and I can’t wait until next week.

PS. After the game my dad bought a beast Future Stars hoodie and t-shirt !!!

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