Bench Boxes takes the hassle out of preparing for and delivering Team Snacks that the kids will love.

MONSTER: I recently stumbled across Bench Boxes and I instantly thought what a great idea! Can you give us a quick rundown of your services?

BENCH BOXES: is the first team inspired snack delivery service. Based on the fact MLB dugouts are stacked with awesome Bench Boxes Team Snacksproducts every game, we created a seamless platform for teams to order snacks for their games, tournaments and travel. Choose from our 5 box options. Tell us how many Teams you are ordering for, your Team name, the date of your game, the number of players on the Team and last choose whether you would like to make a one-time purchase or to subscribe for recurring orders. The box is packed and priced based on the size of the team. Our service is designed to meet the needs of all team sizes.

MONSTER: How long have you been providing nutritional snacking solutions to the youth sports market?

BENCH BOXES: We began in early 2015 working out of our home. In the spring of 2016 we formed a strategic partnership with a wholesale distributor. The support of our partner has allowed us to expand rapidly, restructure our website and offer excellent customer service.

MONSTER: What kind of feedback do you get from athletes, parents, and coaches?

BENCH BOXES: Our products and service are great for all ages and sports. Athletes love the experience of opening the box on game day. Knowing that these amenities are available, allow the players to focus on arriving early and performing at their highest level. We are a Team Mom’s best friend, although it is nice to occasionally have fresh fruit on the sidelines – we are all busy. Bench Boxes takes the hassle out of preparing for and delivering Team Snacks. It’s also a great gift for a Parent to send to his or her Athlete in College. Coaches love us, especially travel coaches. When travelling with a large group, it can often be a challenge to keep the team from scattering around the park. The convenience of having snacks keep your players near and nourished before, during and after the game.

MONSTER: What is the average cost, delivery time, and do you ship nationally?

BENCH BOXES: Each order is priced per player with a minimum order of 10 players in a box. The average price per player is $3.25. Most teams range from 12-15 players, so the average total cost per box is around $44. We offer flat rate shipping of $5 and Free shipping on orders over $50. Our Distribution Center is based in New York and we ship nationally using UPS. Delivery times range from 1-5 days, customers can review our shipping map located on our website in the lower left corner.

MONSTER: Can you briefly explain what your ambassador program is, and who can get involved?

BENCH BOXES: Our Ambassador program was launched in June of 2016. When we first started, many customers were so excited about our Brand and service they wanted to get in on the action. We built an extensive program that allows members to promote and sell our products for a commission. After seeing much success, we rolled our program out to large organizations and leagues in the industry. Our Ambassador program equips each member with their very own Affiliate Dashboard. The dashboard includes marketing materials and the ability to monitor leads, review transactions and upcoming payments.

MONSTER: Where can we go for more information, to follow you on social media and order an awesome Bench Box?

BENCH BOXES: The best place to start would be our website, – check out our ordering guide, box options, add-on products and Exclusive line of Big League Snacks. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Benchboxes

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