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Youth Sports Performance

We work with elite, professional, college, high school and younger athletes looking to improve performance and master their mind and emotions. We are looking for athletes moving upward in their respective sport and willing to embrace the competitive advantage we offer that gives them an edge over their competition.

Champions Mental Edge© Performance Series

This powerful ten part video series covers the performance program we present to athletes and teams we work with in addition to segments on parenting athletes, overcoming mental blocks, addressing the mental and emotional aspects of sports related injuries and what we have learned from researching championship sports cultures.

7 Things Parents Should Know

1 – Every Athlete’s Journey to Greatness is different

Greatness means many things to many people. It can mean victory. It can mean bravery. It can mean strength of character. It doesn’t have to mean you are the best at something, but when it comes to sports, greatness always comes from joy, commitment and progress.

2 – It’s OK to be great at something, you’re worth it!

Sometime when people are really good at things, they try not to show it even if they want to. Mostly it’s because we don’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings. You are not hurting someone else’s feelings by being talented. Those people have hurt feelings already and it is NOT about you.

3 – Sometimes the sport you love just isn’t fun anymore

I hate that this happens but sometimes it does. If we get hurt, watch a friend get hurt, or mess up during a very important competition, it can make us sad, scared and even make us not like competing for a while. That’s OK! What’s not ok is when fear becomes the bully that tells you what you can and can’t do. We want to help you KICK FEAR IN THE FACE!!!

4 – Some parents get a little scared if you get upset about stuff they think is supposed to make you happy

This fear is totally normal, but sometimes they won’t tell you. Sometimes instead of sharing their concerns with you, they say stuff like “I’m gonna pull you out if you don’t start to acting happy and trying like you used to,” because they don’t know what else to say. Mostly it’s because they love you and they will do anything and try anything to make you happy.

5 – Even Pro Athletes need help getting over blocks

Lots of times they need it even more than you do, especially because it is there job to do good in their sport. Sometime they call people like us before they need help, and they use us as their secret weapon against something getting in their heads. What a great idea! You can do that too!

6 – You are AWESOME already

Seriously, can I tell you? You really are Awesome!!! Know why? Because you do what you do.  And yes, sometimes people and coaches are going to say “You did that wrong, do it this way,” and that’s ok. But I say ‘wrong’ just means right for right now, because you are always learning. Another reason you are awesome? Because you are either so smart that you found us yourself OR someone loves you so much that they actually went looking for us for you. How cool is it to be you?

7 – We can’t wait to work with you

We love Athletes. You are the reason we are so excited to come to work every day. If you are coming to us, it means someone believes in your talent and skills so much that they want you to have everything that you could ever need to achieve Greatness. There’s that word again. So get a good night sleep, eat a good breakfast and then talk to mom and dad about us. We want to be part of your team!

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